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"This beautiful book offers us hope in the power of the architectural imagination... Every school of architecture deserves one."
The Architect's Journal, UK, January 2008

"Beautifully designed, with high reproduction values, it is a collector’s item for those captivated both by Murcutt’s work and the pleasure of the object itself."
Architecture Australia, Mar/Apr 2007

"A stunning new folio showcasing the work of Pritzker Prize-winning architect Glenn Murcutt has been published by 01 Editions in Sydney. As befits both its subject and its impeccable production standards, there is some beautiful writing in the handsome boxed 'collector's edition' folio. ... For a range of audiences there is much to savour, reflect on and revisit."
Design Hub, The Powerhouse Museum design website, February 2007

"Ever the perfectionist, Murcutt himself must be pleased!"
Design Hub, The Powerhouse Museum design website, February 2007

"The photographs and the texts permit a reasoned and meticulous study of the work of Murcutt. The whole 'folio' has been realised with the utmost care, delicate design and excellent heavyweight, quality paper stocks." (Translation)
Summa +98, Argentina, December 2008

"Book launches are usually standard fare. But when the invited guests are asked to wear white cotton gloves before touching it, you know this is no ordinary book."
The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 December 2007

"A spectacular new monograph reveals the complexity behind the spare style of Australia’s greatest contemporary architect."
The AFR Magazine, March 2007

"The rigorously researched set of documents demands respect."
Architecture Bulletin, March/April 2007

"When published in other places, at very reduced scale, Glenn's construction drawings look energetic, meticulous, perhaps even slightly obsessive. Here, at full size, reproduced in incredible quality on archival paper, it becomes unavoidably clear that these drawings do not just show how to construct the architecture—they describe what the architecture is."
Tom Heneghan, University of Sydney, December 2007

"...[T]he carefully compiled hardcover book and eight folders included in this folio-style publication are undeniably impressive. ... The highlight of the set is a series of at-size facsimiles of Murcutt's sketches and technical drawings. These ... offer a detailed insight into the thought processes of the architect. Texts by both architects and non-architect writers, including architecture critic Kenneth Frampton, Australian author David Malouf and Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa, provide a commentary on the projects ... [T]his folio is definitely something special."
Houses magazine (Australia), Issue 54, February 2007

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For the second year, Architecture Foundation Australia, who run the annual Glenn Murcutt International Masterclass, has gifted a Murcutt Folio to a university, institution or school library associated with one of the participants in that year.

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"The rigorously researched set of documents demands respect"
Architecture Bulletin
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